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Our educators

Our educators are an integral part of our centre, with each member dedicated to providing each child with support and individual care during their time at Kensington Kindy.


We are proud to say that our educators are dedicated professionals, this provides children and families with a stable and consistent environment as they have continuity of care.


Our educators are professional and dedicated to providing your child with a fun, exciting educational learning experience along with supporting families.


Educators at our centre hold a variety of qualifications, from Bachelor of Eaducation in Early Childhood, Advanced Diploma, Diploma and Certificate III. Educators are continually participating in staff development and training, keeping them up to date in all new developments within the Early Childhood field.


Kensington educators are welcoming, friendly and always happy to discuss your child's day, their interests, strengths, skills or just to have a chat. They want to know you and your family, as this is an integral part of your child's happiness and learning.


Each of our educators has many different skills, experiences and teaching styles and this will enhance your child's overall development.




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